Terms & Conditions


As you register to our timesheet app service, You comply to our following terms of service. Please read the following agreement carefully as it contains your legal app rights, obligations, Liability clauses and disclaimer policy.

Service Description

Timesheet app is a timesheet app service which is provided by xrmlabs.com. You use this service at your sole risk. Xrmlabs holds the rights to modify/discontinue the timesheet app service at any time and will not be liable to you/third party for modifications, cost and discontinuation of service. You agree use of third party cookies on our service.

Service modifications

At any time and without your consent,xrmlabs may unilaterally amend or modify this agreement and restrict your service access without any prior notice or cause. By using our service you have agreed to be bound to such amendments and modifications.

Conventional Usage

You comply to adhere to any national/international rules and regulations pertaining to our service use. You are solely responsible for the actions to your user account. Non compliance to rules, Infringement and using the service the unapt way will trigger prompt suspension of your service and subjected to legal terms. Some limitations of use are as follows, Xrm Labs Pvt Ltd. have the copyright of timesheet app and using any automated device to copy the same. Piracy,duplicacy/reselling and contemplation of our service without written consent of xrmlabs.com. Multiple Login into single user account/register for an account on behalf of any user other than you is not allowed. Service access to competitors of xrmlabs.com.

Subscription Terms

Our service trial is free to use up to 5 users. To enable more users, you have to purchase our service via paypal and the payment is non-refundable. Trial service valid upto 5 users. For more than 5 users service is charged on per user/month basis. You need to provide valid Credit card details to buy our service. You have to renew our service every 30 days. 30 days prior the previous paid membership of our app expires,you can continue using our service by renewing your account. After Previous paid membership expires your account will be deactivated and will no longer accessible.30 days after the account deactivation, the information pertaining to your account will be deleted.

Discontinuation and Termination

You can use the service during the previously paid membership which expires after 30 days. After the membership expires your account will be promptly deactivated. There is no discontinuation fees. If membership is not renewed, then you won't be able to access the service anymore and the account information will be ceased.

Intellectual Proprietary rights

You have acknowledged that x timesheet app is licensed to xrm labs.com including the proprietary rights and Intellectual property rights. Except as otherwise stated explicitly or as mentioned in our terms and conditions agreement you don't have authority to Copy/duplicate and support piracy of our service. You are not entitled to use any robot or any automated device to duplicate our service. Xrmlabs.com deny any claims to any material you post to our service.

Warranties and liability policy

There are some Warranties limitations pertaining to our service use- The service is provided on 'as is' and 'as available'basis. Use of the service at your own risk. Company does not warrant that the service will meet up with your requirements and need. The service will be accurate and error free. Warrant Any third party advertising to promote any product through our service. The bugs will be fixed. There are some Liability limitations associated to use of our service- In no event shall company, its associates and employees will be liable to any indirect, incident and exemplary damages including damages for loss of profit, goodwill and other intangible losses. Company assumes no liability for any bugs, viruses or like them may be transmitted to our service via third party softwares.

Applicable Law and Disclaimer disputes

Our terms and license agreement is governed by Indian govt. All the Disclaimer disputes will be handled through healthy negotiations among the disputes parties.